Notes from Fibre East (things I enjoyed but did not buy)

  • Lovely yarn bowls at Emily Cross Ceramics. I have a yarn bowl that I never use (actually, it stores spindles), but these are beautiful. I particularly loved the glazes, and the bowls with feet; they look medieval to me.
  • Beautiful – really beautiful – yarns at Riverknits. Rich, dark, expressive solids/nearly-solids. Possibly my favourite eye-candy of the show.
  • Felted art from Beverly Neeves. I actually already have a postcard-sized picture of hers (and must hang it sometime), but there was a larger format work that I might yet contact her to see if I can purchase it.
  • A whole shelf of batts that looked like copper-laced nebulae from Spin City.
  • The blanket display at Janie Crow. Rarely does crochet look quite this awesome. There will be some of this in my future; there just has to be.

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