Stealth reboot

After multiple years of attempting to stash down, and condense storage, and be ‘good’, and (recently) a Tour de Fleece project with fleece that I should have had the good sense to throw out years ago, I decided it was time for a little stash enhancement.

Collected purchases from Fibre East. Mostly fibre, plus one cone of yarn
Stashing up!

Turns out that Fibre East is actually a pretty cool place to do that.

One fleece, 600+g of broken tops (John Arbon), 700+g of lovely stripy top (also John Arbon – their measures are generous), a cone of yarn for an ongoing weaving project, and (coming in the post someday soon), 5 skeins of Noro Kureyon.

Why in the post? Because there wasn’t any to buy at the show. And it was on the shopping list. (I’ve restarted my Lizard Ridge blanket project from 2008 (Ravelry link), and it’s feeling very fun right now)

More details of the new fibre stash on Ravelry, or additional pictures below.

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