Happy May Day! Joyous Beltaine!

How appropriate that my last post was about Me-Made May.  Let’s ignore the fact that I posted that in November, shall we?  And I have to admit that I’ve done not one thing towards it.

Still, I do have a May Day project to start.  This is the Beltaine colourway from my Wheel of the Year club, issued two full years ago now (wow!  Where does the time go??):

Allow me to tell you the story of that floor sometime…
This is a rather more variegated colourway than I usually enjoy working with; brighter and more variegated than the colours I usually dye.  I wanted a bright, springy colour, based on the fabulous falls of wisteria blossoms that appear as if from nowhere around this time of year; a surprisingly cool blue-purple in the main, with pops of warmer colour, and the leaves playing a definite second fiddle to the glorious blossoms.

Christs College
The Master’s Lodge, at Christ’s College, has particularly awesome wisteria…

I will admit that I have difficulties matching high-contrast yarns to patterns that really show them off, but as soon as I saw the Spatterdash fingerless mitts pattern, I thought of this yarn.  I love the way Feather and Fan’s strong structure makes clear lines even in the busiest yarn, and for once I’m looking forward to finding a whole slew of pretty buttons to finish this project off…

(c) Ravelry user Blumenbunt, from the Ravelry pattern page linked above)

I plan to lengthen the cuffs of these mitts, so they warm my arms more, because I have issues with the circulation in my hands, and I’ve been told that keeping my forearms warm is actually key.

3 thoughts on “Happy May Day! Joyous Beltaine!”

  1. Love the colors in that yarn! (I’m always a sucker for purple…) And that pattern will be the perfect showcase for it.
    I’ve got some hi-contrast yarns that have defeated me, so I might pull them out and try them with this pattern, too. Thanks for the heads-up!


    1. Hellloooo Gayle!!

      Thanks for commenting; I was wondering if there was anyone still out there… I lost most of my blogroll a year or so ago, so I need to rebuild. And start writing my own again more regularly; I think reading blogs inspires writing blogs…


  2. Hi Alison,

    I saw your blog on the Krokbragd and your ‘program’ for viewing a pattern. I am VERY interested in gettin my hands on a copy. I”m in the middle of Krokbragd and although I am documenting how the patterns work, I’d like to be able to see them before creating them. I’m using the straight 3 shaft threading. I wansted to try the rosepath, but figured I’d go with the traditional first. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

    Feel free to email me. Thanks for such a great aid in Krokbragd. Sure would love to try it out.

    Tom Z.


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