Me-Made-May/The Wardrobe Challenge

Have you heard of Me-Made-May?? (Yes, I know it’s November).

Every year I hear about it, think “Oooooh, what a brilliant idea!  I should make more stuff so I can participate!”.  And then I forget.

This time, though, I’m jumping in early.  The original Me-Made-May challenge is all about getting yourself to wear the things you have made, but I’m going to swap that around.  I think I already wear something I made most days, even if it’s just a scarf or a pair of socks.  This time of year, it’s quite often a sweater.  But I think I could do better!  I want to use the challenge to encourage myself to make things that fill in the gaps in my wardrobe, so that most days I can wear an outfit that is predominantly made by me (top or jacket plus skirt or trousers, or a dress).

It shouldn’t be too difficult, at least in theory.  I have a sewing stash as well as a knitting/spinning/weaving one. But the last year has been not-good for me and my fibre work (three new jobs and three house moves since the end of July 2012), and it’s going to take some time to get my productivity back.  It seems to me that a challenge like this might pep up my focus, so I’m making stuff I really want and will use, instead of just settling on a project that’s easy to start.

My wardrobe is a little bit sad at the minute.  All that busy-ness has left little time for shopping, and in any case, I love making things!  A lot of my old faithfuls are starting to look a bit shabby around the edges.  In addition, my weight has been changing, and some wardrobe stalwarts no longer fit as well as they might.  (My favourite winter trousers!  ::Snif::)

So I started to make a list of all the types of things I wear (and use in the house), and I plan to work out which of those I can spin/weave/knit/sew (or a combo!), and which it really makes more sense for me to buy (everyday/workday bras, I’m looking at you).  As my house comes together (most of my stuff is still in the garage while I decorate), I will start Making.

I would say that I’ll update regularly, possibly weekly.  But since I last logged in over four months ago, that would be a bit silly, wouldn’t it?

1 thought on “Me-Made-May/The Wardrobe Challenge”

  1. Good to see you!
    What a great challenge! I used to sew a lot of my own clothes, and most of my daughters’ clothes when they were kids, but haven’t done much sewing for years now. I should follow your example and do some planning. Especially since I probably have enough fabric stashed to outfit myself many times over…


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