WIP Wednesday

Yes – I said I’d make this a tradition back in April – and this is the second installment.  Consistently inconsistent, that’s me!

Anyway, I thought it would be good to do a quick overview of the projects I’m currently working on: not necessarily a full WIP roundup; just the ones that are actually getting some attention these days.  So:

My wheel project is currently the wool/alpaca batts I talked about preparing for the Tour de Fleece (here and here).  I’ve spun and plied five skeins so far, plus a bunch more singles:

I’ve stalled out a bit on this project, to tell you the truth.  Last year, the Tour de Fleece helped me establish a habit of spinning for 15 minutes in the morning: this year, it somehow broke it completely.  I think it’s because I’m spinning this long-draw, which is exhausting for the arm/shoulder.  Also, my Traveller has a left-mounted flyer (which is standard), but it would be more ergonomic for me if it were right-mounted.  I hold the fibre in my left hand, so I can’t draw across my body.  Anyway, I was finding spinning to be painful and tiring, which isnt’ great.  I’ll have to see what I can do to restart my mojo.

Knitting is going rather better, though. The first of my green lace socks (name still TBD) is done, apart from grafting the toes:

I’m really *very* pleased with the way this has turned out: my plan now is to write the pattern, then knit the second one using the pattern I’ve just written.  A sort of self-checking mechanism, if you will.

Which leaves only my Myrtle.  This is progressing well, too: I’m almost a whole ball in, and I’m ready to start the shaping on the first sleeve cap:

This is the second garment I’ve knit using moss stitch and Maya, and, just like before, I love the way the colour variations are broken and mixed further by the texture.  I will admit to feeling a little anxious that there will be too much difference in appearance between this and the stockinette portions, but I’ll just have to wait and see.  (Then again, the swatch doesn’t look too bad sitting next to the sleeve, so…)

WIPping myself into shape

Oh, now, this is bothersome.  I’ve recently joined the stash knit down Ravelry Group, where they run a ‘WIP Wednesday’ thread.  “What a good idea!” thinks I.  “I must do a WIP roundup blog post, and then I’ll know what I’m working on.”

“Hang on, Self,” says my other brain, “Didn’t you do something a bit like this not too long ago?”

“Why, yes, I think I did, Other Brain!  Maybe I should check my blog and find out what I wrote then!”

Well, gee.  That was January 6th, and I have finished no knitting projects sinceNot one.  Every single project listed on that page is still a WIP.

Come to that, I haven’t finished any weaving or sewing projects, either.  I did finish the spinning I had on the wheel back then (at least partly because I quit halfway through), and I also spun up the alpaca/BFL at the beginning of February.  And the humbug Shetland.

It would be brilliant to be able to come to the beginning of 2012 and look back at the things that were unfinished – and see what progress has been made – as well as to list the new projects that have been completed.

That’s what I said, way back there in January.  Well, at this rate, it’s going to be a damn short list.  (Full disclosure: I have cast on a new knitting project, and warped another loom.  What happened to my monogamous ways?).  I think WIP Wednesday might have to be a new feature on this blog, so let’s start with an official list:


  • Basil.  It only needs the side seams sewing up!  But I couldn’t find the rest of the yarn when I pulled it out of storage at the weekend.  😦
  • The Nightingale Stole.  Made a lot of progress when I was sick in February; haven’t touched it since.
  • The New Project.  This hasn’t even made it onto Ravelry yet!
  • The Ugly Socks.  I’ll be frogging these.
  • Dad’s Christmas Sweater.  Big.  Woolly.  Heavy.  Did I tell you we’re having an April heatwave?


  • The card-woven band.
  • The cut pile sampler: continue, or cut it off!
  • The New Warp.


  • Shipwreck.
  • The Titania batts (spindle)
  • The Abbybatt Weft (spindle)


  • The Quilt
  • The Crochet Curtain
  • The Tudor Sleeves.

The studio is a *tip* again, which might account for my inability to find the rest of the yarn for Basil, and it doesn’t look like I’ll get around to tidying it for a week or two.  I think that the new project (yet to be revealed!) and Nightingale Wing will probably get more attention in the short term.  Let’s see if I can give you an update next week!

The state of things – January 2011 WIP roundup

I’m feeling a need to sweep the decks at the moment.  It’s partly a new year thing, but also just a feeling that quite a lot of loose ends have accumulated around me in the past few years, and it’d be nice to either tie them off properly, or snip them short.  Having them floating around all over the place like this means my mind and energy are likely to get all tangled up in them.

Also, I’d like to be able to state, categorically, what projects I’ve completed in the year, so starting with a kind of baseline would be nice.  It would be brilliant to be able to come to the beginning of 2012 and look back at the things that were unfinished – and see what progress has been made – as well as to list the new projects that have been completed.  So, what’s currently in the works?


Basil is still only partially seamed.  It’d be nice to get this one off the list, though it won’t be Summer Tweed weather again for a few months yet.  (Embarrassingly, this was supposed to be my “two-week” sweater).

Cast on in June. Seamed...?

Dad’s Christmas Sweater is now officially a WIP again; I detached the ribbing from the main body of the sweater just before Christmas, so I can lengthen it.

Needs alterations to fit...

The Nightingale Stole is on the needles, and has been for over a year. This has been an on again/off again project when I need something small and portable. At this rate, it’ll still be on the needles in three years’ time! I think the problem is that it’s not really very interesting; every row is lace, including the purl rows, so you have to concentrate and progress is slow, but it’s all the same, from one end to another. Another issue is that, though this is a beautiful pattern, I’m knitting it in a mohair lace yarn, and I’m not sure I actually want the finished object, or would actually use it.  There’s no way I can rip out this much mohair, though, so I have to decide – hibernate indefinitely, crack on and finish it, turn it into something else (a cowl??) or throw it out?

To finish or ...?

There’s also a pair of socks (anklets, really) that have been languishing for about 18 months.  I think they’d be better turned into a woven something, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to be unravelled.  No photos of these, but the yarn is this:

Lorna's Laces, 'Get Knitted' colourway


Spinning for the Sandi Wiseheart Sweater KAL.  This is my main wheel project: I am still plying my first set of singles, though that should be finished soon.

No plying pictures yet...

A second linen strick.  This is currently languishing as a second wheel project, whilst I tackle the Wiseheart Wool.

The Titania batts, on my Bosworth Midi spindle.  I’ve plyed the singles I’ve spun to date, Andean-style, but I think I was getting better results with using plying balls for the last of my tussah silk, so I might revert to that method.

Merino, angelina - soft and sparkly!

The Mauve it on Over Abbybatt which will be the weft for a scarf, eventually.


Some cotton, which is on a spindle at work.  I’m not sure whether this is really a project, or an extended exercise in sampling.

Some BFL top, which is on a big, heavy spindle and which I haven’t touched for at least two years.  Need to make a decision about this one, because I suspect that even if I was to go back to it, my spindling has evolved so much that I’ll never match my previous work.


(This is the point where I run out of photographs…)

I have nothing on my looms right now!  Oh, wait, that’s a lie.  I have nothing on my Klik right now.

A card woven band which was intended to trim my SCA cloak.  This is a huge job; only half the warp is actually on the loom, and I know the other half is horribly tangled.  Might be another ‘throw’ job.

The very beginnings of my cut pile sampler, started way back in July at Sara Lamb’s awesome workshop.  I definitely want to do more cut pile stuff, but I don’t know if I want this on my loom at the moment.  Not least because a lovely lady from the workshop actually owns some of the hardware currently tied into the loom to make warp spacers, and I really should return them.

Anything else?

The sword dance quilt which I started (crikey) probably almost a decade ago now.  Needs quilting (tying, actually) and binding – that’s it.

Mum’s filet crochet curtain, which I started at least 20 years ago!  In my defence, it was a truly giant project, and it’s nearly done – at least in relative terms.

The Tudor costume could use a few final updates – lacing holes for the sleeves, in particular.

The damn sleeves would not stay put...