40) Vested interest

I quite like this one…


I have catch-up to do after the last week – extra-long weekends visiting family, mucho knitting, loadsa progress.  But this is the completed Veste Evereste, and the latest in my series of FO shots taken in the bathrooms at work…

A few quick notes about this vest:

  • I lengthened it by one pattern repeat (14 rows) for the size I made; it could possibly have used another repeat or two.  J thinks it looks 'short'.
  • I forgot to use the smaller needle size for the first 6 or so rows of the body, and it does 'kick' out a wee bit.  I don't think I mind that toooo much, but it would have been interesting to see what difference it made…
  • I picked up stitches for the neckline at the recommended rate of two stitches per three rows, which looked superb, but I was really worried that it would make the armholes too tight, so I picked those up at three stitches per four rows.  As luck would have it, they are possibly a tiiiny bit too loose.  But I can't stand tight armholes, so better this way than the other!
  • I slipped a stitch at the start of each row.  This does not make an easy edge to pick up from at a rate of more than one stitch per two rows.  I got around this by picking up both knitwise and purlwise (since I was going to be knitting K1P1 rib anyway), which makes it possible to pick up two stitches in one selvedge stitch.  I don't see any other way to pick up multiple stitches in a single stitch, unless I've been doing it wrong all these years…  And yet I've never heard this issue mentioned before.  Anyone??

37) Sneak preview!

OK, just got the 3-needle bindoff done on the Veste Evereste, and couldn't resist trying it on.


It is on the cropped side, yes.  And will be getting neck and armhole ribbing knit on.  And I can also confirm that the yarn is *not* for wearing next to the skin for any period of time!

But on the whole, I'm delighted with it.  I think it's going to look (and feel) great.  With a shirt underneath.  😉

33) Make like a V-neck…

…and split!


Yes, this is definitely Significant Progress.  I'm realising that I was classifying 'significant' not so much in terms of the number of stitches, but in hitting some kind of landmark in the sweater after spending so long going round and round in the same cable pattern.  This project has been remarkably landmark-free thus far, being knit in the round with no waist shaping and a minimal rib at the hip, so starting the armholes AND the V-neckline is almost more excitement than I know what to do with in one day.

This sweet little split of the cable just below the V-neck is one of the details that, for me, pops this design from 'OK' to 'rather nice, actually'.  One day, I will develop the photography skills to do it justice… or not, actually, because I don't seem to have the drive to actually sit down and learn them!  That's more J's thing.

The rest of the weekend-so-far has been remarkably awesome, also.  The wine is stabilised, the beer is bottled. I've found a place for the brew tub to live in the garage, whilst in use, so now the weather is heating up (relatively speaking), we can brew out there and not clutter up the kitchen sides with a 40 pint bucket, and last night I wound some yarn.  That's 4 out of 8-and-1-maybe goals for the weekend achieved, right there.  I don't know about you, but I'm impressed.

Wanna see the yarn?  Really?  Oh, OK then…