Salad (sort of) Lyonnaise

A one-pan warm/room temp salad using allotment gleanings. Ingredients list roughly what I used, but essentially it was ‘what I picked/had on hand’.

Also, does anyone have an official name for the ‘fried and folded’ egg? Does this technique have a name? Eggs over easy? Low temp ‘fry’ in a non-stick pan, minimal oil so no crunchy bits, fold the thin bits of the white in and flip it over part way through, so the white ends up cooked through and the yolk still runny. It ends up being a bit like a poached egg, but with much less water…


  • Lettuce (in this case a heading type, a bit like a cross between little gem and iceberg), 180g
  • Garlic scapes, 20g
  • Mange tout, 20g
  • Olive oil, 2 tsp
  • Bacon, 2 rashers, chopped
  • Egg
  • Bread – in this case, sourdough w/grains, about 110g, crusts cut off and cubed for croutons, the rest of the slices served with
  • Butter


  • Fry bacon in about 1tsp oil until crisp; drain and set aside (keeping oil in pan)
  • Add another tsp of oil to the pan and fry croutons. Set aside.
  • Lightly saute the scapes and mange tout, and the lettuce if you like it charred/wilted (I do)
  • Fry-and-fold one egg.
  • Assemble prepared ingredients other than the egg on plate; top with egg.
  • Butter the rest of the bread and serve alongside.