50) June roundup, July goals

June has been a startlingly different month to May!

  1. **Yarnscape: work at photographing dyed yarn (step 1).
    Yes!  In fact, I’ve surpassed my expectations here, and Yarnscape is now live on Etsy!
  2. Overdye summer tweed yarn and cast on Basil (Ravelry

    Yes!  Madly, I started Basil with the intention of completing the knitting in two weeks – but gave up when it became clear I wasn’t going to manage it.  I’ve barely knit since.

  3. **Experiment with knitting socks on my knitting machine.
    Nope.  I think I might be ‘back-burnering’ this project for a while; it’s clearly not speaking to me right now.
  4. Finish plying the blue silk and pick out a new spinning project.
    Yes!  I’m incredibly pleased with the blue silk, and I’m looking forwards to casting on with it – as soon as I finish Basil.  As to my ‘other’ project, I’ve gone back to spindle-spinning some tussah silk for the scarf project.
  5. Keep up with the gardening!
    Yes!  The garden is entering that wonderful stage of the year where it’s green and productive.  Of course, it still needs lots and lots of work, but I haven’t gotten any further behind in the last month, which is great.

  6. *Plan and maybe warp my  handspun silk scarf project.
    I started – I did some calculations, and realised I was going to need a lot more weft than I have currently spun, and maybe some more warp.  So I’ve been spinning with that in mind.
  7. Train for my Race for Life event
    Frustratingly, no.  I’ve been banned from running by my osteopath (for now, at least), and so will not be running the RfL this Sunday.  I will, however, be walking it.  Whilst drop spindling.  If you fancy sponsoring me to benefit Cancer Research, there’s an online sponsorship form here.

4.5 out of seven!  That’s pretty awesome – and one of the goals I didn’t achieve (the running) was really out of my control.  It’s been a great month for me, with lots of progress on some important goals, and plenty of fun things, too.

This month, I am going to be pretty busy.  I’m attending a two day weaving workshop this weekend (which clashes with the dratted RfL), and I’m going to Knit Nation at the end of the month.  In addition, the Tour de France kicks off on Sunday – and that means Tour de Fleece, too! (another Rav link).  As ever, I need to
look after my health and energy, so I can’t be too aggressive with my goals.  With that in mind:

  1. Yarnscape: Continue listing yarns, and get some fibre up, too.
  2. Finish knitting Basil (Ravelry
    link), and cast of the blue silk Peacock Feathers shawl
  3. Tour de Fleece spinning (more details later).
  4. Finish the spindle-spun silks
  5. Keep up with the gardening!
  6. **Plan and maybe warp my  handspun silk scarf project.
  7. Re-start the Pilates practice (again).  Let’s go for five days a week.

23) February round-up, March goals

February isn't quite over yet, but I thought I'd start the roundup anyway.  I'm just in that sort of mood!  It's been a changeable kind of day, with spells of blue sky, sunshine and mild, spring-like air, but now the sun is fading and it's tipping down with rain.  A grey and reflective kind of moment.

So, how did I do against my February goals?

1) Keep up the momentum for Yarnscape/Textiles In Focus.
Yes!  TIF was last weekend, and I had a *wonderful* time.  Re-entry back into the day job has been hard.  Very hard.

2) *Finish my Moor sweater!
So close.  **So** close.  So close, in fact, that it might yet happen before the end of the month, and it's not really worth including as a March goal.  I have steeked it, and knit the first armhole band, so there's just one more armhole, the neck band, stitching down the facings and a good blocking to go.  Hmm.  Maybe not the end of the month, then.

3) *Make significant progress on the maze scarf
No.  Not one pick, not at all.  Depressingly, that's exactly what I wrote last month.

4) *Ply up the Sweet Georgia Shetland
Yes!  I have 650 metres of two-ply laceweight yarn, wpi yet to be determined.  It's probably some of the finest and most consistent spinning I've done to dat, and I'm pleased.


5) Sample fleece for a 'sleeves in your pi' cardigan (Rav link).

In progress.  I'm playing with sampling some Manx Loaghtan fleece I was gifted last year, in the grease:


  I've managed to get a rather lumpy three ply of the right weight, but I'm not sure if it's the sort of yarn I really want to be spinning, or if I enjoy the process, so still ongoing.

6) *Plan my veg garden for the year;
Yes!  As ever, I'm probably over-optimistic, but seeds have been surveyed and top-ups ordered.  We're very close to planting time again now, albeit only the indoors bit.

7) Start cultivating my Pilates habit again
Not 100% success with this; I think I've managed six practises in the month, or 1.5 per week.  There's time to fit in a couple more, which would boost the weekly average to 2, but that seems like cheating somehow.  More to do here.

Okay!  So, I have three solid 'yes' votes, out of seven, and a couple of 'partials'.  Again, this list has kept me moving forwards on a range of projects, rather than letting everything else stagnate in favour of only one tight focus.  Also again, I've vastly over-estimated what I can actually achieve in a month.  So, what's
coming up for March??

  1. Launch an online shop for Yarnscape.
  2. Finish J's quilt.  I made the top for him almost two years ago, and he's been bugging me and bugging me about it this winter.
  3. **Make significant progress on the maze scarf;
  4. Experiment with knitting socks on my knitting machine.
  5. EITHER: make significant progress on the spinning for the 'sleeves in your pi' cardigan (Rav link),
    OR: decide I don't want to do this project, and pick/start another.
  6. Get the veg beds organised and fed/mulched as needed.
  7. Continue cultivating my exercise habit.  This time round, this includes running, walking and yoga as well as Pilates.  I'd like to be exercising 4-5 days per week, including longer dog walks.

There's also some brewing that needs attention, etc. etc.  It's no wonder I don't ever seem to make progress against the eternal list of projects; it takes me so long to do anything!!

9) January Roundup, February goals

Wow, it's February already!  And in my part of the world, it's dawned cold and bright, with a hard enough frost to cover the roads and make them truly treacherous.

So, how did I do against my January goals?

1) Spend at least 15 minutes per day working towards my Yarnscape obligations
Yes!  In fact, on average, I'm pretty sure I've spent well over an hour a day.  Yarn is getting dyed at a very satisfying rate…

2) Finish my Moor sweater;
No.  Though I have started reinforcing the steeks.

3) Start fixing Dad's Christmas sweater
from 2007
No, but I have a get-out clause for this one; it's off being photographed by The Knitter!

4) Make significant progress on the maze scarf
No.  Not one pick, not at all.  If I still plan to finish this one in February, I need to get weaving!

5) Finish spinning the shetland roving from the SweetGeorgia club
Well, technically I have spun it all, but now it needs plying.  Going by the literal meaning of the goal, I win, but it's not what I meant, so… no.

6) Plan my veg garden for the year;

7) Start making sourdough on a regular basis!
Yes!  Just.  I have some plans for making at least one loaf per week, with the minimum of fuss and wastage.  Let's see if I can keep this one going.

Hmm.  So, I score 2/7, but you know what the interesting thing is?  I really feel like this is a 'win' for me.  Thanks to this list, I've spent time doing some things that wouldn't have been touched.  Progress has been made towards goals that would otherwise have languished, and I'm starting to build some new and (I hope) productive habits.  It's also pretty clear that I can't achieve anything like the amount I think I can (or, alternatively, that yarn dyeing eats significantly more time than I anticipated).  So, what's coming up for February?

  1. Keep up the momentum for Yarnscape/Textiles In Focus.  This needs to include not only dyeing but also preparing the stall/labelling the yarns and so on.
  2. *Finish my Moor sweater!
  3. *Make significant progress on the maze scarf;
  4. *Ply up the Sweet Georgia shetland;
  5. Sample fleece for a 'sleeves in your pi' cardigan (Rav link).  There is a spin-and-knit along for this cardi on Ravelry, and although I'm not officially joining in, I think the lovely chocolate coloured Manx fleece I was given last year will be a delicious match for this pattern.  I'd like to try spinning it 'in the grease', so if I can do enough experimenting to come up with a washed swatch by the end of the month, I'll be really happy.
  6. *Plan my veg garden for the year;
  7. Start cultivating my Pilates habit again.  I used to do at least 10 minutes a day, which doesn't sound like a lot, but is lots more than nothing.  The amount of time I spend sitting down is taking its toll on my back, and I need to get it strengthened and moving again.

Anything carried over from last month gets prefixed with a *.  If I have to carry things over for multiple months, I'll stack up the *'s!  The 'biggie' this month is still TIF, but it's nice to remember I have other things on my plate, too.