53) New paths


This is a time of change, excitement, sunshine and darn hard work.  It turns out that picking up freelance knitting pattern checking and grading work can seriously eat into your actual knitting time – who knew?

In addition, I'm working hard on Something Else, which I am very, very excited about and which I will tell more about next week.  It involves dyes.  And yarn.  And a launch party, scheduled for the end of this month.  It's making me giddy with excitement but also strangely reticent…  and busy.

The result is that Eloise – the sweater I started and almost finished at Easter! – is fully knit and the seaming is about half done, though I haven't found buttons for her yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  The graded yarn I spun is turning itself into a mini-Revontuli, but very slowly.

The garden is growing, also.  Miraculously, I have real plants in the ground, which are not dead, and even ate my first proper harvest (salad greens) yesterday – more to come today, for my lunch.  Yum!  More on that later, though.

More posts.  Definitely.  Though, if you'll excuse me, they'll probably be rather photo heavy and light on the words for a while.

45) Rip back and rib?


I can't get rid of the idea that Eloise should have ribbing at the cuffs.  The body pieces have really deep ribbing:


The sleeves, however, are pure reverse stockinette, from cuff to sleeve cap.  So of course, the hem rolls, but, being reverse stockinette, it rolls under:


I can't help feeling that lovely, deep ribbing, echoing the body pieces, would look so much more awesome.  There are no photos of the cuffs in the booklet that this pattern comes from; this is pretty much cause for suspicion in and of itself.

There are multiple project photos on Ravelry, including some whose creators *have* added ribbing to the bottom of the sleeve.  All of them look nice, though there is a distinct dearth of *modelled* shots.

J thinks that a deep ribbing would look 'stupid' and prefers the idea of a sweatshirt-depth ribbing, to which I say 'eww'.

So, I'm not sure.  Rip and reknit this paltry partial sleeve?  Or bull onwards with the design as written?


43) What really happened next!

OK, I might have been swatching, washing and measuring, but, when push came to shove, I needed to cast on a new project and *knit* it, already!

Since the Noro Blossom/Eloise combo was working so well, I cast on…

and knit.


And knit some more.


It turns out that Noro's colouf changes, coupled with 5mm needles, mindless (reverse) stockinette and simple 2×2 rib is fairly addictive.  In fact, I finished the back in one day, the first front the next day, the second front two days later, and now….  my arms hurt again.  A sleeve is underway, though only progressing slowly.