Dye-a-day #7: Cozy, again (this time, the Moo version)

Oh, boy, am I a big cheat!

This whole dye-a-day thing was supposed to get me taking more, and better, photographs, but it hasn’t.

Instead, I keep on recycling the ones I’ve already taken, and those are mostly snapshots.

Perhaps it was a bad idea to attempt this before Textiles In Focus, because I am mostly dyeing yarn in every minute of my spare time until then.

But these crops are for use on my Moo cards, which I ordered yesterday.  I’m ridiculously excited about them!

Dye-a-day #6: Cozy, in bulk!

A cheat post today.  I spent most of the weekend winding yarn into skeins for scouring and dyeing, and re-winding dyed yarns into retail-size skeins.  This is a box full of the ‘Cozy’ yarn I showed you yesterday; each skein is about 50g.

The bottom right of the box contains the “J’s choice” yarn that was actually featured in yesterday’s post; doesn’t it look different rewound?

My favourite, though, is the purple-bown-grey mix to its left.  Do click on the picture to biggen; the small version really doesn’t do it justice!  It’s another cold, grey day here, and I really, really wish I could curl up in the yarn pile and nap.  But not yet!

Dye-a-day #5: Cozy yarn for a chilly day

Wintery weather in Cambridgeshire – we had heavy, blowing snow this morning, and though it hasn’t settled, the air is bitterly cold and damp and the sky is still grey.  It’s just the sort of day to wrap up in warm, soft woollens – whether you’re outdoors or on the couch – so let me present ‘Cozy’!

This is a chunky singles yarn with low twist, dyed in mixed blues, purples and greens.  I’ve been working on some simple patterns in this yarn to showcase the lovely, saturated colours and squishy, warm texture.  Watch out for neck warmers, fingerless gloves and perhaps a hat or two in the near future!

My partner, J, chose the colours for this one, so until it finds itself another name, this colourway is “J’s choice”.  Oh – but the pink/yellow area at the top of the picture is one of those surprises that sometimes happens with dye – and all of a sudden, my manly man wasn’t quite so sure he wanted his name associated with these colours, after all!