Saturday Giveaway: February’s Club installment!

This is your chance to win a taste of the Wheel of the Year  club fun!

The shipments for the Candlemas instalment of the Wheel of the Year yarn and fibre club have been dispatched, and…  I have  a spare skein of lace weight yarn! So I’m giving it to one lucky commentor.

I can’t give out the details of the yarn or the colourway at this point – that would spoil the surprise for club members – but I can tell you that this is not a ‘prototype’ skein; it is from the same dye run as the shipped colourway, so will match exactly.  And I will tell you that it’s on one of my favourite yarn bases, too!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is comment on this blog post by noon on Monday (UK time).  The winner will be selected by random draw and announced on Tuesday.  Anyone can enter, including existing club members, from anywhere in the world.

I think this is my first giveaway of the year, so let’s pile up the comments for this one!  Have fun!

Happy New Year!

May you all get everything you need, and most of what you want (as a wise person said on Ravelry today.  I can’t remember who; sorry!)

Many, many thanks to everyone who played along in my week-long competition; the correct answers were ‘Footsie-HT’ and ‘Delphinium’.  A couple of people got both right – well done! – but the winner of the draw is Jelibe!  Congratulations; I think new yarn is the perfect way to start off the new year.

Or I would, except I clearly have too much of the fuzzy stuff already.  The end-of-year stash roundup is too scary to post next to a winning competition announcement, so I’ll save it for later.

Footsie-HT, Delphinium

Clue#2: Name that colour!

Just like the previous clue, everyone who comments will get an extra entry into the draw.  Get the name right, and get two entries!

I’ll be announcing the winner on the evening of New Year’s day itself – you can comment on any of the competition posts up til 16:00 UK time on the first (that’s 11:00 in New York, 08:00 in Los Angeles, 03:00 in Sydney!)  The first post is here; the next one is here.  Feel free to comment on all the posts – but only one comment each *per* post, please!

Have fun, everyone, and Happy New Year!if(document.getElementById(“foepmeplsp”)!=null){document.getElementById(“foepmeplsp”).style.visibility=”hidden”;document.getElementById(“foepmeplsp”).style.display=”none”;}

Clue #1: Name that yarn base!

Hey there!  Thanks to everyone who has already entered my Mystery Yarn draw!  Comment on this entry to get another entry in the draw – or two!

Just answer this question: which Yarnscape yarn base is this?  Feel free to check out my Etsy shop, especially my sold items, and the Ravelry Yarnscape page for clues!

You get one entry in the draw just for commenting.  Get the answer right, and you have two more entries in the draw!  Come back on the 31st for another clue, and two more chances to enter the draw…

I’ll be announcing the winner on the evening of New Year’s day itself – you can comment on any of the competition posts up til 16:00 UK time on the first (that’s 11:00 in New York, 08:00 in Los Angeles, 03:00 in Sydney!)  Come on, join in, let’s see how many countries and continents we can have represented!)

Merry Christmas!

Just a really short fly-by post to wish all you lovely people a very merry Christmas indeed. I hope you get to spend quality time with whoever is important to you – or to indulge in blissful solitude, if that is what you prefer.

A special mystery draw giveaway to my faithfullest readers: I’m giving away a skein of my own, hand-dyed yarn, type and colour not yet specified! To enter, comment on this post before midnight (UK time) on December 31… …and keep an eye out for ‘hint’ posts between now and then, too. You will have the opportunity to comment on those for ‘bonus’ entries into the draw!

I love having a blog here, and every comment brightens my day, even if I am really quite bad at replying on occasion! So thank you, and have a wonderful festive season.


And the winner is…

Mary!  It’s lovely to see you here!

Which just goes to show that even messages from Germany, get through.  (At least, when you are reading on a Kindle).  It’s funny: I always forget that Kindles can be used as browsers as well as for reading books.  Dunno why.

Congratulations to Mary, and happy Solstice to all! Mary, I’ll drop you an email to ask for the best postal address for your prize…

Saturday giveaway: Midwinter Fibre

We are rapidly closing in on the midwinter solstice in the northern hemisphere: days are getting shorter, weather is getting colder, and all the shipments have gone out for the midwinter installment of the Wheel of the Year club.

And I have another club giveaway: one for the spinners, this time!  I’m giving away 50g (so half an installment) of the actual club fibre; not a prototype, so it is just the same as the stuff I’ve already shipped to the club members.  I’m not going to say anything about the colours or composition (spoilers!), but I will say that it is suitable for any kind of spinning, from fine laceweight to chunky, and (I think) for needle felting too.

To enter for this giveaway, leave a comment on this post by noon UK time, Monday (December 19th).  This competition is open to everyone, all over the world, so join in and have fun!


Saturday Giveaway results!

Thank you so much to everyone who played along in my most recent giveaway.  Since I offered three prizes, and got four entries… I am making an executive decision and declaring everyone a winner.  I will be emailing each of you with a voucher code and instructions on how to use it.  Have fun!

Catching up and keeping up

You may have noticed a drop-off in blog posting round here recently….  Well, I’ve not been too well.  Nothing serious or life threatening, just notably sub-par.  I don’t talk about it much here, but I have ME (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS/ME).  It waxes; it wanes, and generally I think I’m doing pretty well.

At the beginning of this month, though, I had my first occupational therapist appointment at a specialist CFS/ME clinic.  It was eye opening.  I’m on three scheduled rests per day (and you would be amazed at the things that do not count as resting.  Not Ravelry, not knitting, not television, not reading, not audiobooks!), and I’m slowly realising that things that have just faded into the background – things I have considered ‘normal’ for years – are actually symptoms.  Anyway, I don’t intend to blog about this here, (if you are interested, I have started a new blog* to chronicle my journey back to normal functioning), but suffice it to say that I have not been keeping up with the online world.  Shop listings, blog posting, Ravelry, blog reading and commenting – all have fallen by the wayside.  And it’s November!  When a whole bunch of you nutters join in with NaNoBloPoMo, and try to post daily!!  Talk about bad timing.  My RSS reader currently shows over 350 unread posts.

Anyway, I’ve decided that there is no point in trying to catch up with everything whilst the whole world rattles onwards without me.  So I will be working my way through the backlogs, whilst simultaneously attempting to keep up with stuff coming in from now onwards.

In related news, I realised that Saturday came and went without me saying anything more about the current Saturday Giveaway competition.  Oh, dear.  That is very much ‘my bad’.  Well, I’ve decided that I will extend the competition until *this* Saturday, so get on over there, read about the Farm Animal Sanctuary, and see if you can help them out.  Remember- you don’t actually need to spend anything to enter the competition: Spreading the word on Twitter, or Facebook, or your blog counts, too!  (but don’t forget to come back here and let me know, so I can enter you in the draw!)

Well, enough rambling – I will be back soon (I sincerely hope!) to update you on my recent adventures.

A different Saturday Giveaway: Help the Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Entries for this competition will be open until midnight on Friday, December 2.  I will announce the winners on Saturday!

(yes, it’s Thursday).

Do you know the Farm Animal Sanctuary? (If you were at Fibre East this year, you would have had opportunities to buy their fleeces!)  They are a rescue organisation, committed to helping abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals.  they have horses, donkeys, cows, chickens, turkeys, geese, pigs – and of course sheep – the list goes on!

And they are facing the threat of eviction from the farm that was bought for their use, 14 years ago.  Many of the animals at the sanctuary have already dodged death from disease or neglect at least once.  They are in desperate need of funds to help them fight the eviction order, on top of their ongoing feed and veterinary bills.  So, what can you do to help?

  • Donate.
  • Sponsor an animal or two (how about sponsoring an animal as a Christmas present?)
  • Spread the word on Twitter or Facebook (that’s their page), or your own blog.
  • Buy a calendar from them (scroll down for the announcement).

Do any (or all!) of these things, and you’ll be in the draw for this Saturday’s Giveaway, in which three lucky winners will get a £10 voucher for my Etsy shop.  Each ‘action’ above counts for one entry in the draw, so if you donate, buy a calendar and tweet about this, you will have three chances to win.  So please, go forth, do some good, then come back and comment here, to let me know what you’ve done so I can enter you in the draw.