The State of the… Spinning

Time for some short and sweet round-up posts. Plus, the Tour de Fleece (France!) starts today, so perhaps I’ll try and see how many race days I can post…

Under those circumstances, it seems only fit to start with the spinning. As of this morning, both wheels were naked – I finished winding off this little lot last night:

That’s about 1700m of singles wool/viscose blend, and just over 300g; the fibre is from Hilltop Cloud, via a Ravelry destash. It’s destined for weaving; I think the slubs will make it a challenging warp, but I’m going to try anyway. I think the weft will be burnt orange; it will be a surprisingly colourful fabric (for me), but you’ve got to break out of the usual patterns once in a while, no?

Next up: enough fuzzy grey yarn to knit a skirt. It’s already carded, and the sample is spun and knitted:

So, then, to the wheel! (This is my new garden chair, apparently good for spinning, but the test had to be done indoors, because… rain…)

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