Blocking party

When I moved up to Scarborough, I realised I had a couple of languishing lace projects.  Not waiting to be knit – waiting to be blocked!  Then I knit the 2010 Advent Scarf in December, so I started 2013 with three nearly-finished scarves and shawls.

The oldest was Brandywine, which I mentioned briefly here.  Knit in a much thicker yarn than the pattern called for, I realised I was going to run short for a sensible size shawl, so I started adding short-rows to the garter stitch body.  You can see the effect in the blocking shot:


This is a heavy, snuggly shawl, and has already seen quite a bit of use.  A side-effect of the shape is that it wraps around your neck beautifully, although I do find I need a shawl pin to keep it in place.  Otherwise, its own weight tends to drag it off my shoulders if I lean forwards!


Next up, On the Wings of a Dove!


This is a self-designed shawl, intended to showcase my own Bunnylace yarn – which I think it does very nicely!  I’d originally intended to write up the pattern, but there are a few design flaws that make it rather not-ideal in this incarnation, so it would need some thinking and a test knit if I was going to release it.  Plus, of course, I’m not currently trading, so it seems silly to release a pattern for a totally custom, unavailable yarn.


I haven’t worn it yet; it’s big and a bit too dramatic for the office!  Besides, I’m enjoying it as an ornament in my work room…

Finally, the advent shawl.


Crikey, I don’t think I’ve even mentioned this on the blog before.  I packaged this up as a ‘new house’ project; I love Advent, and I wanted something that was light on packing, long on involvement, so that whatever happened with the unpacking, I’d have some knitting to do.


I loved working on this a little every day (well, most days).  The variety of lace patterns gives the scarf a sampler-like feel, and I got to play with some lace stitches that I’ve never used before.  Because several different designers were involved, it was also interesting to see the different ways the designers dealt with some of the recurring issues when designing lace stitches.  I started it on December 1, and finished it on December 31, so I didn’t quite finish it during Advent, but close enough for me!


The yarn is Sparkleduck’s merino/tencel laceweight, and the pattern is the 2010 Advent scarf.  I picked the pattern after seeing many finished projects that I liked; I have decided I don’t like the risk of a mystery-pattern KAL!


I actually ran out of blocking wires at this point, so the ends of the scarf are blocked using knitting needles as a substitute.  I think this is the first time in years I’ve used straight needles (other than DPNs).

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