On the needles

I’ve been knitting a lot recently, though I don’t have any finished objects to show for it yet.  I’m glad to say that the air conditioning situation at work is slowly improving, which is just as well as I can never whip out sweaters as fast as I think I can, and also because I pretty much ignored my own requirements and went for a V-neck sweater.

I’ve been itching to knit with this handspun yarn for over a year now, and at first I thought I was going to knit a re-run of the Gathered Pullover from IK.  However, there were a few things that made me reconsider:

  • Truthfully, I’ve never quite been convinced by the placement of the gather.  It’s intended to be the only shaping in the body of the sweater, but it is placed at low bust height.  To shape a garment flatteringly for me, it should really be at waist height – but I don’t want a cable directly over my navel!
  • I’ve already knit it once – and there are so many other wonderful patterns out there to try!
  • Reading back over my notes suggests that this wasn’t really the quick, easy project I thought it would be last time; and it may not be this time, either!  I do remember that I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting the body in the round, and the sleeves were a particular problem.

This sweater, from Drops Design, struck me as having a lot of the same elements of the gathered pullover, without at least some of the drawbacks:

V-neck, interesting cable (though I will be reducing it slightly), simple, wearable design.

Of course, my gauge doesn’t match the pattern, as I’m working with handspun.  I had a false start and lost almost a week’s worth of knitting when I made the ultimate silly mistake, and sized down for my tighter gauge instead of up.  After that, though, the back flew off the needles in just over a week.

I absolutely love the fabric that this is producing: a wonderful, marled grey with white flecks.  Given the longdraw nature of the yarn, the fabric feels – and looks! – remarkably even.

I’m now at the point on the front where I get to start the sleeve shaping, and almost immediately, my modified cable.  I’m looking forwards to seeing the detail emerge – but perversely will miss the easy, knit-on-no-matter-what stockinette.  It’s been a calming, relaxing journey so far.

2 thoughts on “On the needles”

  1. What a great sweater! I’ve bookmarked it, because now I want one, too. Yours is going to be gorgeous.
    (Love the Drops designs! I’ve got one in progress with my handspun. Must dig it out and work on it some more…)


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