Project: Sweater Heaven!

So – the new job is now four weeks old, and things are going well.

Reasonably well, in any case.  I managed to distinguish myself on a two-day training course in Rotterdam by having a severe stomach upset the day after we all went out for dinner and beers.  So clearly, I now have a reputation as the Girl Who Had The Hangover.  (Note: this is an unfairness.  I’m not going to say that the beer was helpful, in this scenario, but that was *not* a hangover).  Still – could be worse – I was very nearly The Girl Who Threw Up All Over The Hotel Lobby, which would have been infinitely worse.

No – the biggest problem with my current job is that it is always FREEZING COLD at my desk.  I sit right next to hte downdraft from the air conditioning system, which means I have a gentle, cold breeze blowing onto my hands and upper body all day – and swirling round my legs and feet, too.  I can see that I will be wearing autumn styles all year round, which can only mean one thing – lots of opportunities to wear lovely, lovely handknits!

A few years ago, I was reliably churning out a sweater a month.  Admittedly, some were pretty simple- and others used larger gauges than I really enjoy wearing now – but mostly, I stopped knitting sweaters because I had enough of the things.  Since then, a few have worn out (but not many!); a few have fallen out of favour and been given away.  Others are just not what I need for a chilly office environment.  Here’s my list of requirements:

  • Style.  What is style?  I don’t know, but I recognise it when I find it!  I like my clothes (for the office, at least) to have a certain stylishness without being too very quirky.  I’m currently enjoying Peruvian Connection’s aesthetic (if not their prices), as they seem individual and classic at the same time.  Anthropologie sometimes get it bang-on, too as do White Stuff and Fat Face.
  • Warmth.  The whole point of this is that I’m feeling cold a lot of the time.  In particular, I need coverage on my front, between my navel and my throat.  This means that the open cardigan designs and the U-necked vests I have loved for so long don’t actually help me all that much – one of the main reasons I need to knit some more garments.  Garments need to either cover my upper chest (cowl necks, turtlenecks etc) or they need to support wearing other garments that do (toppers for turtlenecks).  Extra points for garments that involve special warmth in that area – stranded or cabled yokes spring immediately to mind.
  • Flexibility.  I want to be able to wear any given garment as part of lots of different outfits.
  • Stashbusting.  I really need to go and mark out sweater quantities in my stash – either single yarns or groups of yarns.

So, what am I thinking of knitting?

  • Another Gathered Pullover, using the handspun wool/alpaca blend mentioned here.  There’s more than enough for this and another sweater!  (This qualifies as a sweater that I can wear over other neck-warming garments, for those that were wondering).
  • A stranded-yoke sweaterdress-tunic type of thing.  I have a bunch of cabled embroidery wools that I worked up on the wheel, years ago.  I think I should have enough for a long length garment with lots of interest around the neck.  If I work it top down, I can just knit until I run out of the main colour…
  • Something with a cowl neck.  Possibly another tunic.
  • An Owls sweater
  • Maybe Rogue??  This one has been on the wishlist for years…

Actually, I don’t think I have all that many sweater quantities of yarn remaining.  Lots and lots of yarn, sure – but sweater quantities??  I seem to have picked up a little bit, here and there.  Souvenirs.  Enough for a pair of socks, or a shawl.

I might have to get spinning.

(Also, if you have any awesome ideas for sweaters that fit my wishlist – comment away!!)

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