Sixteen more sleeps…

Someone posted on Twitter yesterday that there are only “seventeen more sleeps” until Woolfest.  Oh, my word.

Of course, that was yesterday, so that makes only sixteen now.  Woolfest starts on a Friday, but I’ll be starting my journey up on the Wednesday, so fourteen until I go up.  Two weeks!!

So, how many preparation days?  Well, I try to give myself a good rest on the weekends, so that’s four days gone.  Ten prep days left, for all the dyeing, packing, labelling, drying, rewinding and so on.

I certainly won’t be able to dye anything the week of Woolfest itself – it wouldn’t have time to dry before I drive up – so that’s two days of the ten I certainly can’t use for dyeing.  So of the next sixteen days, I have maybe 8 that I can actually use for dye work.  Better get back to the dye pots…

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