Helloooo out there!

It’s safe to say that Wales, and Wonderwool, are starting to feel like they are a world away now.  Granted, I still have to unpack the car, and do the laundry, and re-activate the Etsy shop, but the show itself is almost a distant memory.  I only got back a couple of days ago!

Sunday at the show was a lot quieter than Saturday; as predicted, the weather took a sharp turn for the worse, and Sunday brought us driving rain, high winds and even colder temperatures than Saturday.  Despite wearing trousers under my skirt, and a long-sleeved t-shirt under my shirt (and a cardigan over my shirt and V-neck sweater), I still ended up wearing gloves more often than not, and the mini-Wolfram for most of the day.  I have to say I am really amazed at the difference an itty-bitty little cowl can make to the way you feel overall!

Wonderwool was my first really big show, but I’ve traded at several multi-day shows now, and there is a distinct attendance pattern that seems to apply across the board, along with several types of attendee.  It seems to go something like this (not including husbands, children and other assorted hangers-on):

  1. Serious Shoppers show up on the first day of a show.  These guys don’t want to miss out on any good stuff by coming late – and they probably have A Plan.  They may well have a budget, and will trawl round the whole show, making notes, before deciding to go round for a second, focussed spending round.  The level of organisation can be impressive: I saw more people with pens and notepads – or marking up their show programme! – at Wonderwool than I ever had before.
  2. Browsers show up on the second day.  These are people who want a nice day out in congenial surroundings with like-minded friends.  They might have a budget in mind, and will buy a skein or two that catches their fancy, but in general you’re less likely to sell sweater quantities or expensive tools to the second day crowd.  The nasty weather may well account for the fact that last Sunday was even quieter than expected.
  3. Real Hardcore Festival Goers will show up both days!  Whether they’ve booked into a B&B or are dedicated enough to camp (and last weekend, camping took serious dedication, believe me!), these folks don’t want to miss out on anything.  They will probably follow the same pattern as other visitors, though, falling into the Serious Shopper category on the first day, and relaxing into Browse mode for the second.
  4. Other Stallholders form a fourth, and quite separate, category.  Because the first day is often so much busier than the second, you probably won’t get to see other stallholders much on the first day.  (Not unless you are en route to the loos, anyway!).  By the second day, though, the adrenaline is dying down slightly, and everyone has a bit more breathing space.  An hour or so before the show ends, a kind of itchy restlessness sets in: it’s not time to pack up yet, but people are preparing for it, psychologically, and there seems to be an urge to move around a bit more.  Any sales in the last half hour are likely to be to other stallholders who have finally managed a bit of shopping time for themselves.

I met a bunch of amazing people over the weekend; some I knew before from Ravelry or Twitter; some I did not.  I also completely failed to meet up with a bunch of people I really had meant to find – bugger it!  The list of links will have to wait for another post, though; this one is getting quite long enough right now.  Besides, I have to do the laundry.

P.S.: as it finishes, so it begins.  I booked accommodation for Woolfest this morning – anyone coming?!

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