First Welsh bulletin!

This post brought to you by a cozy B&B room, a glass of wine, and a long car journey – so apologies if I’m less than coherent.  (It’s also well past my normal bedtime, but I still need to decompress from the drive…)

Wonderwool prep has gone fairly smoothly this week: there has been winding:

Packing into bags:


And packing into cars.

I had hoped to have a new, larger car for this venture, but that’s one of the many things I ran out of time for.  I did (just) manage to get everything in my tiny, under-powered Polo, even allowing me to see out of the back window(!) and I have to say I’m glad I wasn’t driving an unfamiliar car today.  First of all, it’s a long drive.  Secondly, the weather was dreadful for much of it.  Thirdly, the route from Cambridge to Powys involves lots of dual carriageway/motorway driving until just past Birmingham – and then No More Motorway.  I thought the SatNav was just being persnickety at first, but apparently that’s just how it is.  The roads are very eventful for someone who learned to drive in the flatlands; there are ups, downs and sudden curves – occasionally following a blind summit.  The roads are v. narrow in places, too.  (Yes, I grew up in North Yorkshire, but being driven around twisty roads does not – in any way – prepare you to drive them yourself.  It just doesn’t!).  Suffice it to say that the second part of the journey was much harder work than the first – but Oh! so much more beautiful.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing, I have to admit.  On the shiny side of things, my display units arrived on Wednesday, and the substitute printer held out long enough for me to get some of almost everything printed.  (There is a truly puny amount of ink in the cartridges I bought for it, though.  Bah!).  I even got a bunch of weaving kits made up!

Unfortunately, I managed to dump almost a whole cup of tea in the box with the weaving kits in it as I was packing the car this morning.  I don’t believe there will be any lasting damage, at least not to the yarn, but they certainly won’t be making it to this show.  (Then again, there might not have been space in the car…)

This morning also saw the catastrophic failure of my paper guillotine, the total disappearance of the SatNav I usually use, and a complete panic about the level of brake fluid in my car.  I now have a new guillotine, the spare SatNav (which is actually newer than the regular one, but which hasn’t had a recent map update, and only holds charge for about 90 mins without giving up), and the lovely man at the local garage checked out the brake fluid and pronounced it Just Fine.  For free.

So tomorrow is setup day! (with final labelling earlier in the day – setup doesn’t start till 12).  This is the crunch point – have I really remembered everything?  Have I actually got enough stock?  And where did I put the screwdriver, anyway?  Wish me luck – I think it will be a long day.  The only thing harder than setting up is tearing down – and that’s only because you’re already knackered.

Sleep well!  I hope to.  🙂

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