WIP Wednesday: return of the gloves

Do you remember this sad little story?

It has a happy ending:


Turns out that one of the advantages of sorting the stash is that teeny-tiny balls of handspun might appear from between the cracks.  This really *is* part of the same lot as the other stuff, by the way: I never (or very rarely) end up with matching amounts of singles on the bobbin when I spin, so, when I ply, one always runs out significantly before the other.  I have the habit of winding the excess singles off into a plying bracelet, and plying them together (if I’m making 2-ply), or chain plying them together for a 3-ply.  Sometimes I wonder why I do this: it seems to be turning frugality into a bit of an obsession, could I ever really need those last two grams of yarn?  Don’t I have enough stash, really?  Turns out, sometimes it really is a good idea.

This is how far I got with the gloves before running out: the cuff, thumb and hand have been knit, including a set of short rows designed to ensure that the glove’s fingers all start at or near the actual base of my fingers. (A pet peeve).  FO Friday??  Wait and see… 😉

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: return of the gloves”

  1. I do the same thing with my leftover singles. There’s the ‘waste not, want not’ component, but I also want to see all that work going for *something* rather than nothing.
    And isn’t it nice when that little bit of effort really saves your butt?
    Love the gloves! Hopefully you’ll have enough yarn to finish them now!


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