54) Not more sustainability, surely?

Though really, can you ever have too much?  I will admit, a catchup on the rest of my life is definitely in order, but it's been one of those months.  And the backlog has reached the point where it is, frankly daunting.  These posts are at least structured, and scheduled (even if I *am* late again).


Plant Something –

  • Bush beans, peas.
  • Started a new batch of beer (not really 'planting', but definitely 'starting')


2. Harvest something –

  • Broad beans
  • French beans
  • Mustard greens
  • Spinach beet
  • Beetroot leaves
  • Beetroots!
  • The very last garlic scapes
  • New potatoes
  • Mint
  • Broccoli
  • The first blueberry! It wasn't 100% ripe…

Preserve something
    Nothing this week

Waste Not
(reducing wastage in all areas)

  • Saved peas from the last of the mange tout crop for next year's seed
  • Racked 'dormant' wine from demijohn into storage

5. Want Not (preparing for shortage situations)

Nothing this week!

Build/support Community Food Systems

  • Shared seeds
  • Educated folks on making yoghurt (it's easy! It's good!)

7. Eat the Food

  • Spinach beet on pizza
  • Beetroot leaves in chicken soup and in stir fry
  • Garlic scape butter on garlic bread
  • Last year's summer squash, roasted with sage and olive oil
  • Pizza bases made with sourdough
  • Yoghurt and yoghurt cheesecake (coffee flavour was good, but runny)
  • Beetroots, roasted with rosemary and salt
  • New potatoes
  • Bush and pole beans (our go-to veg this week)
  • Wine and beer.  πŸ™‚

8.What I bought

  • Bread
  • Onions
  • Wine

9. Looking forwards

  • Aubergines still flowering! No fruit set yet…
  • The tomatoes are setting really well; some are nearly ripe, and lots more are visibly ripening.
  • All my onions are lying down.  Why?  Are they failing??
  • Blueberries are actually starting to ripen.  Ye gods, but they're slow!
  • The last of the broad beans will be ready very soon now; need to save some for seed
  • The various squash plants have finally started to grow properly, and might even set some fruit one day soon!
  • One of my chilli plants has baby chillis!
  • Garlic needs harvesting, but I'd rather it was dry.  Oh, the irony…

3 thoughts on “54) Not more sustainability, surely?”

  1. For me, these updates seem to come around pretty quickly too. They really are helpful though, helping ingrain the habit. Interesting about the spinach beet on pizza. That would never fly at our house though. πŸ™‚


  2. You want your onions to lay down! Most people have bent the stems over already by now, so that they concentrate their energy into forming bulbs rather than forming flower stems.
    How did you preserve last year’s summer sqaush, to be roasting it now?


  3. Don’t feel bad at other blogging taking a back seat – you are still posting, and we enjoy reading!! The garden has to take prominence now, cos it’s the season for it, but it won’t last long, and normal blogging can resume. xx


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