53) Sustainability Sundays: The Neglected Blog edition

Good grief; this is my third Sustainability Sunday post in a row, which clearly means I'm not posting anything else.  Must rectify.  Anyway:

Plant Something –
Nada, despite my fit of organisational activity last weekend.  Should probably check the seed box and see what's due…


2. Harvest something –

  • Broad beans
  • French beans (both pole and bush.  I think I'm a bush convert, though I love the way poles look.)
  • Mustard greens
  • Spinach beet
  • Beetroot leaves
  • Garlic scapes, and…
  • The first garlics.  Sadly, they had an intruder-cat-meets-defensive-dog incident over the weekend, and I decided to pull them rather than leave them in the ground – which was rather wet at that point.  This may affect their keeping qualities – we'll have to see.

Preserve something

  • Two batches of yoghurt (one will become cheesecake very soon now).
  • Mashed and froze overripe bananas
  • Blanched and froze broad beans
  • Cooked spinach beet for pizza toppings (J will eat it!  In fact, likes it!  Indeed, requests it!! Yay!)

Waste Not
(reducing wastage in all areas)

     As well as the usual, I've been trying to establish better habits in the shower (minds out of the grimy gutter, you lot).  I have a bad habit of leaving the shower running whilst I'm shampooing my hair, shaving my legs – you name it.  And there's no need to.  It keeps the shower area warmer in the winter, but that's it; and it's not winter.  So I've been reducing water wastage by shutting off the shower unless I'm really, seriously using it, right that second.

5. Want Not (preparing for shortage situations)

Nothing this week!

Build/support Community Food Systems

Nothing this week!

7. Eat the Food

  • Broad beans in various incarnations.  This has been the week of the broad bean (I think that's fava beans to American readers, btw).
  • Beetroot greens on pizza
  • Spinach beet in risotto (nom!!)
  • Garlic scape butter used to make risotto (definitely nom!)

8.What I bought

  • Bread
  • Onions

9. Looking forwards

  • Harvest seed peas and pull up the old plants
  • I think the raspberries are just about done.  It's their first year, and the very hot conditions have not been too kind.  I think our neighbour has also treated her garden with something noxious, right on the other side of the fence that the rasps live against.
  • Aubergines are flowering!
  • Must remember to feed the tomatoes…
  • Peppers are doing really well in my mini greenhouse.  Lots and lots of fruit have set and are growing well!
  • Some of the broccoli needs harvesting before it actually flowers
  • I think the dwarf peas I planted out last weekend died.  They're so ridiculously quick to crop, it'd be good to get some more in the ground ASAP.
  • Must investigate what's actually inside those funky little chick-pea pods.  Are they ready to harvest, or not?  I have no idea…
  • Blueberries are actually starting to ripen.  Ye gods, but they're slow!

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