52) Sustainability Sundays: the very quick edition

OK, so it's only a few days since my last post on this topic, but let's get back on track with the days, hmm?

Plant Something –
No new seeds have hit soil, but I have planted out dwarf peas, bush beans and soya bean plants this weekend, along with beetroot and other brassica seedlings.  I don't like planting out when it's so hot and dry, but it's long overdue for these plants anyway, so they're going to have to live with it!  – or not. 

   I've also had another quick scan through the seed box and arranged it for the next few weeks, so the after-midsummer planting can commence next week…


2. Harvest something –

  • Raspberries
  • The last few mange tout.  I might get a few more pods off these plants, but they're basically Done, baby.  I expect to be pulling them out next week…
  • The first of the broad beans!

Preserve something

     Nothing this week.

Waste Not
(reducing wastage in all areas)

     Just the usual –
composting etc.

5. Want Not (preparing for shortage situations)~

Nothing this week!

Build/support Community Food Systems

  • Blogging about it

7. Eat the Food

  • Raspberries and yoghurt on my breakfast
  • Broad beans, straight from teh pod.  Nom!

8.What I bought

  • Bread.

9. Looking forwards

  • Beetroots are looking very healthy and getting to a good size; start
    eating the greens!
  • Broad beans harvest
    will ramp up during the week;
  • Harvest seed peas and pull up the old plants
  • Raspberries will be harvestable over the next week or so
  • Aubergines are flowering!
  • Tomatoes are abundant, but still green.  Must remember to feed them, and keep an eye out.
  • Peppers are starting to set fruit!

2 thoughts on “52) Sustainability Sundays: the very quick edition”

  1. We had the most fantastic haul of peas on Saturday..they filled about 1/3 of a bucket (unshelled), and it took ages to shell them all, but they were lovely. Our strawberries in hanging baskets have been doing quite well too, but mostly finished now. And our rasps are just starting too!


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