39) Sustainability Sundays, the yoghurt edition

It's been an interesting week in the garden; the successional planting plan has thrown up an unusual gap, and although lots of things are just about ready to harvest (especially the mange tout, which are flourishing), nothing has been quite there.

Instead, this week has been all about yoghurt.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned making my own, but apparently I didn't make it clear quite how *easy* the Easi-yo system makes it. Seriously – if you use the Easiyo packets, the procedure is something like:

  1. Put yoghurt mix and cold water into yoghurt pot, and
    shake well
  2. Pour boiling water into incubator.
  3. Put yoghurt pot into incubator.  Leave for 8-9 hours.
  4. Refrigerate yoghurt.

Notice that you don't have to plug the incubator in to anything, or mess about with thermometers or anything else; water is 'cold' or 'boiling', and It Just Works.

If you want to use milk and a yoghurt culture, then you replace step 1 with:

1a. Heat milk to just below boiling
1b. Cool milk to around room temperature
1c. Add yoghurt culture and mix well.

Then, you just pick right up from step 2 in the other method.  It's really that simple.  And tasty.  The only things you have to pay attention to are making sure that the cooled milk is cool enough not to kill the culture, and not letting the milk boil over whilst you heat it (because that is *stinky*).

1. Plant Something –
No seeds have hit the soil this week, but I have been planting out some seedlings, particularly:

  • cauliflower and cabbage seedlings
  • herbs
  • amaranth seedlings

2. Harvest something –
Nothing this week!

Preserve something

  • Excess milk made into yoghurt

Waste Not
(reducing wastage in all areas)

  • Mashed and froze over-ripe bananas (great for smoothies, even better for cake!)
  • Re-using 'grey' water from the kitchen
  • Composting vegetable peelings

5. Want Not (preparing for shortage situations)

  • Bought and froze marked-down meat at the co-op
  • Bottled and re-started kombucha system

Build Community Food Systems

  • Blogging about it
  • Teaching friends to make their own yohurt.

7. Eat the Food

  • Yoghurt on my breakfasts
  • salad greens
  • Yoghurt cheesecake!

3 thoughts on “39) Sustainability Sundays, the yoghurt edition”

  1. I’m very curious about how you are using your kitchen greywater. Do you have a system in place, or are you doing it manually? Any tips would be appreciated.


  2. I love that Leigh does this, and I love it even more now that you’re doing it as well. I keep thinking I should do a similar weekly summary.


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